Mirka Abranet Hand Sanding Blocks

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  • SKUMR-SB2-3/4x
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Mirka Abranet Contoured Hand Sanding Blocks

Designed for dust-free hand sanding!

  • Hand Sanding Blocks are 2-3/4" Wide with H&L Face for Abranet Mesh Rolls.
  • Internal Vacuum cavity removes dust directly from sanding surface, right through Abranet Mesh for clean, dust-free sanding.
  • Connects to Mirka's 3/4" ID, high-flex vacuum hose.
  • Works with most shop vacs and central dust collection systems.
  • Ideal for site work or for large pieces that won't fit on a downdraft sanding table!
  • Swivel hose connection to minimize twisting.
  • Built-in Adjustable suction valve.
  • Rigid sanding face ensures flat surfaces.
  • Soft Contoured Top provides Ergonomic Grip and reduces fatigue.
  • Available in your choice of 5" or 7-1/2" Lengths.
Mirka Abranet Hand Sanding Block

Ergonomic Contoured Grip (7-1/2" Size Shown)

Mirka Abranet Hand Sanding Block Hose Swivel

Built-In Suction Valve and Hose Swivel

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