Mirlon 6"x9" Bulk or Box of 20 (Mix & Match any Combination of Grits for Discount!)

  • Purchase 5 to 19 and save $0.25 each
  • Purchase at least 20 and save $0.45 each
Very Fine (Maroon)
Price: $1.50
- +
Ultra Fine (Grey)
Price: $1.50
- +

Mirka Mirlon Synthetic Steel Wool Scuff Pads

6" x 9" Non-Woven Synthetic "steel wool" superior to other popular brands. Available in VeryFine (Maroon) or UltraFine (Gray) which is equivalent to 0000 steel wool.

  • 6" x 9" x 1/4" thick, 3 Dimensional non-woven abrasive.
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Great for scuff sanding between coats and to remove "raised grain" after sealing or staining wood.
  • Not affected by water or solvent lubricants
  • Very durable with consistent grit
  • High flexibility for use on contoured surfaces.
  • Can be washed out for repeated use
  • pads can be trimmed to convenient sizes
  • Very Fine Replaces "00" Steel Wool
  • Ultra Fine Replaces "0000" Steel Wool
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