237 ml (Half-Pint)
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473ml (Pint)
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0.95 litre (Quart)
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3.78 litre (Gallon)
Price: $92.00
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CrystaLac - CraftNique Universal White Tintable Paint Base & Primer

CrystaLac - CraftNique Universal White is a highly pigmented primer providing exceptional coverage. Stain blockers stop tannins from bleeding through to the surface using only 1 to 2 coats in most applications.

Easy to use, waterbased, adheres to most clean & wax-free surfaces.

Works well as a tintable furniture & craft paint.

  • Water cleanup.
  • Use as a primer & bonding undercoat for other finishes.
  • Tintable & Non-Yellowing.
  • Durable as a final coat on furniture and craft projects.
  • Sprayable (HVLP or Conventional) or Brushable.
  • Can be diluted with other CrystaLac clear finishes for use as a White Wash.
  • Used in CrystaLac Tumbler Kits

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