HSF5100 Grain Filler

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Target Coatings HSF5100 High Solids Filler

Target Coatings HSF5100 is a high solids, thermoset urethane grain filler formulated for application by trowel, brush or spray.

Specifically engineered to provide a smooth, non-textured appearance on open grained woods like Oak, Ash, Walnut, Mahogany, etc.

Supplied as a neutral colored (tan-putty color) filler that can be used directly on light colored woods. Filler can be tinted to suit darker woods as required and to prevent a "grey" color in the open grain. Apply filler directly over bare wood if desired or over pre-stained, sealed surfaces.

Brush and wipe filler into grain/pores and allow to set for 5 to 10 minutes. Squeegee off excess and allow to dry for 2 hours. Level sand with 400 grit paper and re-apply filler if required or proceed to remainder of finishing schedule.

The fast drying nature of this system allows topcoats to be applied in as little as 2 hours of initial dry-to-touch time with any water-based topcoat finishing system.

  • Low VOC
  • Water Clean-Up
  • Non-Flammable
  • Supplied as Neutral (tan-putty, NOT transparent) color
  • Tintable with ColorFX Dyes, Mixol Pigments or UTCs to create matching or contrasting grain patterns
  • Spray, Brush or Wipe on
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Semi-Professional Woodguy

Review by John Hidber on 10/20/2010

The HSF5100 product offers ease of use for both amateur woodworkers and seasoned finish professionals. All that was necessary was a single read of the label directions (allowing for extended drying times in cooler temperatures) and I obtained fine results on a prepared (solvent-cleaned, sanded, and sealed) teak veneer table. The clarity of the product applied over a super blonde flake shellac base made with denatured alcohol worked exceptionally well. Per the instructions, removal of the excess product at 45 degrees to the grain was straight forward. The glossy nature of the shellac base allowed the grain colour to shine through without cloudiness and a final water-based toner coat of amber and burnt umber dye stains applied over the filler caused no reactions, except praiseworthy comments from the table's owner at installation. Thank-you, Wood Essence, for supplying this product to the Canadian prairies. The next filler I select will be HSF5100. Sincerely John Hidber Edmonton

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