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Gerson Strainers / Filters

Sometimes skipping the simplest steps are responsible for the biggest problems.

Failing to filter finishes immediately prior to loading into your spray system is one of the leading causes of contaminated and less than perfect spray finish results.

Unstirred particles or a tiny bit of debris dropped into the finish when opening the can lid can quickly ruin all your preparations.

Yes, that little "dried bit" or wood chip fallen off of your sleeve will easily stir in and go through the spraygun... and land right in the middle of your tabletop or door panel! SPLAT!!

Don't put yourself through the extra work and frustration...use a quality strainer!

  • Gerson synthetic mesh strainers are USA made to the highest quality standards for the most stringent industrial and automotive finishing requirements. They are the finest available for wood finishing applications.
  • Custom-woven with exclusive filter media for guaranteed accurate micron size.
  • Spectographic lot tested: guaranteed free of chemical and particulate contamination.
  • Patented filter tip for quicker, more complete filtering.
  • Dense paperboard cone reduces bleed-through.
  • 260 micron (Medium Mesh) is sufficient filtering for most waterbased products.
  • 190 micron (Fine Mesh) is suited for filtering lower viscosity products such as shellac and dye solutions.
  • Most waterbased finishes will also filter through 190 micron (Fine Mesh) but will take a bit longer. It is a good idea for projects being finished in "Gloss" or "Semi-Gloss" as imperfections become more apparent with these higher sheens.
  • Each mesh is available as a 10 pack or in a Box of 100.
  • We have also re-packed them as a "Combo" pack of 25 each 190 and 260 micron filters for your convenience and cost saving.
Gerson Filters
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