355ml (12 oz) Kit
Price: $34.65
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710ml (24 oz) Kit
Price: $51.95
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1.4 litre (48 oz) Kit
Price: $82.50
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5.6 litre (1.5 Gallon) Kit
Price: $315.00
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System Three G2 Epoxy Glue Two Part Adhesive for Oily Woods

System Three G2 Epoxy Glue is a two-part adhesive formulated for oily or acidic hardwoods such as rosewood, teak and others.

Effectively glues cedar and oak for interior and exterior applications. G2 is a waterproof glue, suitable for below waterline or continuous submersion requirements.

G2 has a long pot life and can be mixed well in small or large batches and cures overnight. It requires minimal clamping pressure and it can be mixed with wood flour or silica thickener for a non-sagging adhesive.

  • Full Cure in 48 hours @ 77F/25c.
  • Convenient 2:1 volume mixing ratio (100:44 ratio by weight).
  • Cures to subtle amber color.
  • Waterproof!
  • Long pot life.
  • Excellent choice for guitar necks!



  • Laminated Wood Beams
  • Doors, Windows & Exterior Millwork

Furniture & Cabinetry

Luthiery & Instruments

  • Oily or acidic woods


  • laminating stems, ribs & deck beams
  • strip planking
  • sheet plywood