0.7 litre (1.5 Pint) Kit
Price: $45.00
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1.4 litre (1.5 Quart) Kit
Price: $72.00
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System Three Rot Fix

System Three Rot Fix is an easy to use, low viscosity two-part epoxy resin product for restoration of rotting and deteriorating wood.

Use Rot Fix to penetrate deep into deteriorated and rotted wood creating a strong, solid base for restoration. After Rot Fix application, replace missing sections with System Three SculpWood.

Rot is a fungus and it can spread quickly, infecting, and then destroying sound wood in its path. Replacement can be expensive or time consuming and sometimes nearly impossible. See System Three's Rot Repair Project for tips and information on restoration projects.

A unique measuring/application bottle is included with each 24 ounce RotFix kit. With this bottle you can accurately measure, mix and apply RotFix in batches from two ounces to 7 ounces.

  • Zero VOC.
  • Working Time 30 mins @ 25c
  • Cure time 8 hours @ 25c.
  • Appy by brush or roller.
  • Low viscosity penetrates and saturates wood.
  • Easy to us Mix Ratio bottle included.
  • Follow with Sculpwood to rebuild missing, non-structural material.


Exterior Rotting or Deteriorating Wood

  • Window Sills
  • Door Frames
  • Decorative Columns
  • Facia Boards
  • Shutters
  • Other Non-Structural Wood Elements