CL100 Cross Linker Catalyst

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Target Coatings CL100 Cross-Linker Catalyst

Target Coatings CL100 Cross-Linker Catalyst is a water soluble chemical additive used to elevate the durability and appearance of waterborne coatings by coupling the resin molecules of the film forming finish into tighter, harder bonds when fully cured.

The purpose of CL100 water soluble CrossLinker is to give a performance boost to the physical characteristics of the finish it is being blended into.

Although rarely necessary in most wood finishing applications, sometimes a specific finishing scenario calls for extra alcohol or detergent resistance. For instance, commercial bar tops and restaurant tables receive a lot of chemical abuse from both the patrons and the cleaning staff.

The addition of 3-5% of CL100 CrossLinker into the waterborne finish of choice will boost the coatings resistance to alcohols and high pH cleaners to levels that will allow the cured finish to withstand a longer exposure to corrosive chemicals.

Unlike acid catalysts, which have a very short pot-life, waterborne cross-linkers are reactive to oxygen only when the coating it is added to is allowed to form a film and air-dry. Therefore, the pot life of finishes fortified with CL100 water soluble CrossLinker will remain functional for upwards of 100+ hours when stored in a sealed container, eliminating the expensive loss and waste of unused material.

Directions for Use:

Pre-measure CL100 Crosslinker at 2-5% by liquid volume of the water-based finish to be added into. Gently stir the selected water-based coating to be cross-linked while slowly adding the pre-measured CL100.

NOTE: DO NOT POUR CROSSLINKER INTO THE RESIN WITHOUT SIMULTANEOUSLY STIRRING THE RESIN AT THE SAME TIME � This will create a sandy/gritty finish if the CL100 is not stirred into the resin while adding.

Continue to stir the CL100/coating mixture for 2 minutes. Allow the cross-linked coating to settle and react for a minimum of 30 minutes before using. For best results premix CL100/coating 2-4 hours before applying. This will ensure optimum chemical reaction time and flow/leveling performance of the coating during spray or brush application. The minimum recommended temperature for use of cross-linked material is 65 degrees F.

Note: Wood Essence accepts no responsbility for improper use of materials.

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